Friday, February 27, 2009

long friday, smash and grab

I've kind of fallen off the wagon - the 40-day wagon - the last few days have been a little out of control. Tuesday we discovered that someone had broken into our garage, smashed our car window and stolen my neurology bag, so I've been borrowing stethoscopes and tuning forks from the residents and med students this week. Grr. The thief could have simply opened the driver's side door, which was unlocked, but I guess that's not as fun as breaking a window. The police said that there were no signs of forced entry, and we confirmed that our garage door was definitely closed, so the theory is that people drive around with different garage door openers/scanners and randomly find ones that work. That's not a comforting thought. We are now using our electronic lock on the garage door. Hope that works. I also will not leave stuff in the car anymore, even with the garage door closed.

As far as our 40 days, yesterday we were supposed to clean out a closet or drawer that had been bugging us, but I just didn't have the energy. I did find the motivation to go online and start ordering stuff to replace what was lost. That was kind of fun. I decided to get a burgundy stethoscope (replacing my old forest green one), a black medical bag and the same German-made titanium reflex hammer I had before. It's the center one in the picture. It's my favorite neurology tool. :-)

Today we are supposed to clean out our closets and donate clothes we don't wear. I'm not sure that will happen today, but if it doesn't, that's OK. Today I saw lots of neurology patients and completed at least 23 patient notes. I'm glad tomorrow is my last day on wards, and looking forward to returning to my normal schedule.

On the bright side, next week is supposed to be beautiful spring-like weather - sunny and highs in the upper 50's! Yayyyyyy!!! :-)

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