Wednesday, February 4, 2009

deep freeze

For the second time this winter, Florida is having cold enough temps to issue a "deep freeze" warning.

So much for the week on the beach. My work buddies had planned a kayak trip with a bonfire on the beach and sangria, but we canceled when we saw it was going to be 35 degrees.

Ok, I'll stop whining. I have fallen behind on reporting on our "40 days." On Super Bowl Sunday, Tammy and I assigned ourselves the task of drinking a new wine. We randomly had a bottle of Sonoma red. (Picture above.) Monday we started reading I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou. Published in 1969. :-) Tuesday we wrote a letter of appreciation to someone and sent it snail mail - mine went out from the Bay Pines VA Field Office yesterday. Wednesday we decided to pray for 5 people we don't normally pray for. I started with good intentions, but fell asleep after praying for only 3 I need to finish the other 2 today. :-)

The picture of the boats is the view out of my hotel window. The other picture, of Berryism, is where Patty took me for frozen yogurt after book club. MMMMMM! It is not your average frozen yogurt - delicious and fat free - we need to get one of these shops in Salt Lake!

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