Sunday, February 22, 2009

library fun

Today Tammy and I spent some time at the downtown SLC library (pictured here at night - isn't it cool?). We browsed the books on sale, and I picked up a used "Collector's Library" edition of the Phantom of the Opera, for $4. Big spender am I.

We also looked at the Salt Lake Tribune from March 8 of the years we were born - pretty entertaining. A London Fog "Maincoat" was $40 to $47, and there were ads for spring dresses in good 60's styles. We got a kick out of the ads for the TVs, too - "automatic color" was the hot new thing, with "no more green and purple faces, no more jumping up and down to adjust the color!" The headline for my birthday was about the "Spider" - a lunar lander that two Apollo 9 astronauts flew successfully in preparation for a moon landing. In addition, there were some entertaining ads, including an ad for an X-rated movie (The Ramrodder!) on the same page as ads for the upcoming Mahler Symphony No. 9 concert with Maurice Abravenel conducting at the Salt Lake Tabernacle.

Speaking of the Utah Symphony, yesterday was another day of music for our 40 days. Tammy got to go hear them live, but since I was on call, I just listened at home - Brahms Symphony #1 and Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto #1. I hadn't heard them in full in a long time, and that was quite nice. We had originally scheduled a massage for that day, but I think I was just as happy with the massage for my brain.

Tomorrow we are going to watch a Verdi opera. This 40 day plan is definitely getting me out of my rut - I have done so many things I would never have done otherwise, and I'm really glad for that!

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