Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer pictures - July 2009

Pictures from this summer. I lost most of them from my computer crash, but here are a few, including the Peltiers.

Monday, July 20, 2009

18th Anniversary

We celebrated #18 both with and without the kids. A TIME magazine article came out the same week as our anniversary with a cover story on marriage (and how it is under siege). It reminded me how grateful I am for our marriage, and I decided I want the kids to see it as a family holiday at least as important as a birthday. So we got red and white balloons, a "sweetheart cake" from Baskin Robbins, lit 18 candles and sang "happy anniversary" to ourselves with the kids. Then we got a babysitter and enjoyed dinner out and a long walk in a beautiful park at sunset.

I forgot to take pictures but I will try to remember that next year.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Squaw Valley - Billharz Family Reunion

We spent a fantastic week with 50 Billharzes at the Olympic Village at Squaw Valley, celebrating my parents' 50th anniversary. Mom wore her original wedding dress, which you can see in the photos. We hiked to a waterfall, biked along the Truckee River, went rafting, hung out on the beach, toasted marshmallows at the campfire, and - best of all - made lasting memories. Mom and Dad hosted an anniversary banquet and asked each of the 12 kids to share "a favorite memory or experience." I wish I had the whole thing on video - we rarely get to be together and reminisce like that and it was fun to hear what everyone remembered. Mom and Dad's first honeymoon was basically a rainy, cold camping trip so we pitched in for a surprise second honeymoon. As Chip said, it was fun to give them that because at this point it is hard for them to be surprised by anything! They will be going to Banff and surrounding area next month, and we hope for beautiful weather and good times for them. Being married 50 years is great - being married 50 years AND being able to go travel together and enjoy it is awesome!