Monday, October 14, 2013

September 2013

Quick August/September news -

Opening birthday presents

scientific discoveries

New glasses! 

Art project 

New favorite book, and a new lost tooth

Love my Salmon marathon medal!

Summer 2013 - Part 2

Summer continued - Korean Culture Camp in Minneapolis! We stayed with my very wonderful cousin Margaret and her family. Sam, Alle, and their cousin Lucie went to camp and did cool Korean stuff.

Sam learning Tae Kwon Do

I volunteered in the camp nursing station, which was notable for a report of head lice (none seen), a dramatic bloody nose with screaming, tears, and hyperventilation, a near-fainting episode at the sight of blood from the bloody nose, and three giggly girls with "stomach aches" every day after lunch that were cured with Gatorade.

We visited the Mall of America and a few other landmarks, and generally just had fun hanging out.

Summer 2013 - Part 1

Summer's over already? Well, technically we still have another week, but it might as well be over since school is in full swing. This is turning into more of a seasonal blog than a monthly blog. Maybe I'll get better about posting more often. Maybe not.

So here are the days of summer 2013...

Sam's kindergarten "graduation" - I loved kindergarten with both kids and I'm sad to see it go.

Family reunion trip to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. No pictures of the beach (too busy having fun I guess) but we did go to the Children's Museum in Raleigh:

All right, here is where I admit to being The. Laziest. Mom. Ever. We went to Donner Lake for the 4th of July and I didn't even take any pictures.  Now I wish I had. I thoroughly enjoyed the beauty and mountain air which always brings back memories of childhood summers. We also enjoyed a gorgeous day at Tahoe with Mary, Bean and Dan, our kids, and a rented kayak. Ahhh. So grateful to see so many of my clan, but the time flew way too fast. I did get in a very nice run around Donner Lake with Tim. The fireworks show was  spectacular. Sam made it to a new milestone - first time in his 7 years he has stayed awake late enough to actually watch the fireworks. 

Luckily for me, (LaziestMom) other less lazy people took pictures which I can borrow from FB:
 The big family group plus various friends and dogs

Mom, Dad and 9 of the 12.

(random insertion) I like these pictures of Sam:

To be continued...