Monday, December 10, 2012

November MauldenNews 2012

We had a good November. Lots to be grateful for.

The Halloween photo didn't make into last month's news, so I'll include it here. The cat and Red Power Ranger did well for themselves and traded happily for a half hour or so afterward. A couple days later I offered to buy their candy back since they had so much and Sam just got his first cavity. Alle sold me quite a bit. I took it to work and shared it around, but alas, I also ate some. Hard to resist Twix and M&Ms.

The school had a Social Studies Fair called Night at the Living Museum in which they dressed up as historical characters. Sam was a race car driver and mechanic (not historical, but kindergartners get more slack). Alle did a great job as Betsy Ross.

We drove to Reno for Thanksgiving and enjoyed a very nice weekend with Mom and Dad and the Billharz crew. Took advantage of the nice weather (sunny! 60s!) to walk with Uncle Pete, Thomas, and Truckee. (Our kids were off chasing geese and thus not in this picture.)

And apparently we had some silly mustaches at some point.

Grateful for all of the people who make my life so interesting and colorful.

See you in December!