Wednesday, October 31, 2012

September-October MauldenNews

I love the beauty this time of year. I managed to throw off my work- and mommy-chains for a couple glorious afternoons. What's the good of living here if I can't get away to the mountains once in a while?

I finished my third marathon in September, but the planned location (Salmon, ID) was very smoky from wildfires so I elected to do my own marathon on a road/trail loop here in Utah. It went great, but I didn't get a medal. I hope to get to Salmon next year since my race entry fee is still good - and the medals (a salmon for the full, trout for the half) would complement my moose and mountain medals.

The kids and I also finished our first "family marathon" - 26.2 cumulative miles walked over about 6 weeks this fall. I was very proud of them! We took them out to celebrate. Alle also said she wanted to stay up "all night" to celebrate. We said sure, go ahead. She read books in her room until about 9-something and then she was gone for the night.

We enjoyed a day at the Aviary.

 Had a GREAT time with friends at the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco. At the finish we got Tiffany necklaces as medals, handed out by firefighters in tuxedos. Plus Ghirardelli chocolate! Can't beat that.

Last but not least - school portraits happened again. I will treasure these as the year of the lost tooth and the forehead notch from Sam's do-it-yourself haircut.

Trick-or-treating tonight! Stay safe and warm, everyone.