Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 19 - Taxes, Valentines and the Pontiac Firebird TransAm

Today I spent most of a snowy Valentine's day working on our taxes. Not very romantic. But it feels good to have it mainly done, and we had the evening to ourselves, thanks to a nice babysitting offer by the church where Alex goes to Awana. The bubble bath was very welcoming after a long day.

Today is day 19 of our 40 days. Almost halfway over?! Tammy and I were supposed to go to the library today and look at newspapers from the day we were born. I confess, I did not want to go out in the snowstorm and was feeling pressured to get the tax stuff finished. So I cheated and tried to look online, but all I found was the fact that the Pontiac Firebird TransAm was unveiled on the day I was born. Pretty nice, actually.

Hope everyone had a lovely day.

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