Thursday, March 19, 2009

Match Day

Today my brother John matched for his residency in Kansas City, MO (his first choice - woohoo!). I managed to be there for the occasion, which was fun - brought back memories of my own match day 11 years ago (hard to believe that - I had to double check the number!). It was a nicer occasion for Buzz, with a nice brunch for all the students and their families and even a ribbon-cutting ceremony. When I matched, we just went to a hospital classroom, got our envelopes and stood around in the hallways talking and taking pictures. The energy was the same though - lots of excitement and anticipation.

I'm genuinely happy for BuzzmeovanaXX (Buzz, Cameo, kids and mystery baby!) but bummed for us personally. Our family has been so lucky and blessed to live near these guys for the past almost 4 years. When I think of my sweet nieces growing up without me there, I start to cry...not to mention not having Buzzmeo around to play games with, stay up too late with, trade babysitting overnights, and hang out with. I've been tearing up on and off today. But I know it is the best place for them to be, and am glad they will have Tim and Tammy there, especially to ease the transition with a new baby coming. Good thing for facebook - I think it will help us all stay connected.

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