Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a little night music

Last night Tammy and I played music together, for day 35 of our 40 days. The photo is not the best of me (my outfit would qualify for a What Not To Wear show - Bryan's old sweatshirt over a t-shirt), but hey, I was wanting to relax. I had just completed a workout and rushed through a shower, and was dealing with two grumpy and whiny kids - so I literally grabbed the first clean thing I saw and headed for the door.

It's a real pleasure to play with Tammy - she is a gifted musician. Even though I was terribly rusty after many months of not picking up my violin at all, it was fun to cajole those tiny hand muscles and recruit those long-dormant brain areas into making music again.

I've been practicing piano more lately, too. I am enjoying music somewhat differently as I revisit it now after many intervening years. Playing music that I haven't heard or played since my teens, it's like talking to an old friend and yet at the same time discovering something new. It's a new insight to me about music appreciation - that what we bring to the music is at least as important as what it brings to us.

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