Wednesday, March 4, 2009

breaking news

Big news today. I was just about to sit down and relax after getting the kids down for naps when my pager went off. "This better be good," I thought, and it was. The Draper police apprehended the guy who smashed our car window and they were able to trace him to me because he had my name stamp, which was in the bag he took. For a minute I got very excited because I thought they were going to say they had all my stuff, but that was the only thing of mine that they found. They did find a whole bunch of other people's stuff, especially keys, garage door openers, and tools. I was sad not to get anything back except my name stamp, but I was so happy they actually caught the guy that it put me in a good mood the rest of the day. I took the kids to the police station and identified my property, and Alex and Sam got Junior Police Officer badges. It was especially nice to be able to show Alex that the police caught the bad guy. She had been asking about the broken window and you could see her little 4-year-old mind was working on the whole situation. I hope she is less anxious now - I know I certainly am.

Other "breaking news" of the day:

- I shut my finger in the car door. Ouch! It is OK but sore.

- the odometer on the Prius turned over from 99999 to 100000 miles

- I renewed my driver's license online just before it expired. We hadn't received any notification because our address had changed since we last renewed. It was really good I didn't show up at the police station to claim stolen property and then give them an expired license!!!

What can I say, God is being pretty good to me. :-)

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