Wednesday, April 1, 2009

kid sayings

Alex is saying a lot of funny things these days, but alas, I seem to be forgetting to write them down. Anyway, I do remember two things from this week and wanted to document them before I forgot:

"Your mouth has a special finger in it called - a tongue!"

(see picture above, in the Disney teacups, where she is using her tongue to retrieve every last bit of cotton candy from her face. She was quite happy with her first cotton candy - exclaimed "It melts in your mouth!")

The other one was in the car, while talking about robots:

"Robots can help people without any brains do their ABC's."

She also told me "rojo" means "red" and likes to remember or make up "Spanish" words. Somewhere she got the impression that the word "moose" means "almost" in Spanish. When we are in the car she asks, "Are we moose there?" or "Are we moose home?" Sam picked up on it and now he says it too.

Sam is talking, talking, talking. It's fun to hear him babbling away in pretend games with his toys. His latest phrase is "almost forgot." Every time we put him to bed, just as we leave the room he thinks of something we "almost forgot."

Tomorrow I leave for San Diego for some "mom time" with online friends. Am looking forward to the 60 degree temps after 2 more snowstorms here since Disneyland.

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