Monday, April 27, 2009

eye-opening website:

I stumbled across this website yesterday and it's very eye-opening!

It is devoted to making public the records of major corporations in 5 areas: human rights, the environment, animal protection, community involvement, and social justice. (the website further defines these and how they ranked the corporations)

What is fun, and revealing, and sometimes disheartening, is looking at "The Rankings" by product category. All kinds of products, services, and companies are listed - everything from ice cream to banks and credit card companies - just click for an analysis of the best and worst.

Some examples of products we have bought, and how they stack up -

Toyota: A
Chevrolet: F
Apple computer: B+
Acer computer: D-
Chapstick: F
Huggies: B-
Nabisco: F
Kraft: F
Chipotle (restaurant): A
Subway: C
McDonald's: D-
Gas stations: Sunoco = A-, Costco = C, Exxon, Mobil = F
Patagonia: A
Costco: D
Walmart/Sam's Club: F
Stride Rite: D+ (too bad, they're the only ones that fit Sam's feet!)

While this is entertaining, and thought-provoking, I admit I don't know anything about the quality of this "research data" or how it got its funding. (perhaps from animal-rights activists or environmental non-profits??? not to be too cynical, know.)

Before I swear off of Kraft macaroni and cheese forever (which I should anyway) does anyone know how this information can be validated?

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