Saturday, January 31, 2009

a good Saturday

I didn't take this picture today, but I just like it. It's the view from our front yard with the early morning sun glowing on the trees.

Tammy and I tasked ourselves with scrapbooking today. I have been trying to finish printing out my monthly newsletters from the past 4 years and putting them together with the corresponding photos. I think I never would have done it had it not been on the "40 days" list. So, thank you, Tammy, for suggesting this one because it is now DONE. Yay!

Today has been an ideal Saturday in many respects. I love Saturdays, like today, on which I never have to leave the house. In addition to finishing my scrapbook task, I hung out in my comfy clothes all day with the kids and some visiting friends, made a puffy apple oven pancake for breakfast, drank 3 or 4 cups of coffee, played half a game of Settlers, worked out while watching Jon & Kate Plus Eight, read stories to the kids. A happy, cozy day. And, so far at least, Alex has actually gone to bed without crying or manipulating.

Good night!

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