Tuesday, January 27, 2009

40 days

Today begins the countdown - 40 days until my 40th birthday! :-)

My friend Tammy and I have planned 40 things to do together over the next 40 days. (Tammy's 40th is March 8 next year, so we will do it all again next year.) While I do see more gray hair these days, I was pleased to be CARDED last week - so I must not look quite 40 yet. Must be those little whippersnappers keeping me young. Or so I like to think. Truth be told, I think they keep me feeling and acting young while also adding to my gray hair. There's a balance to everything.

I remember my mom's 40th birthday. I was 10. She decided to have a big party and invite all her friends. We all thought it was great - an occasion only for happiness and celebration, rather than focusing on being "over the hill" or otherwise mourning the approach of middle age. Putting the dates together, now I realize she was 7 months pregnant with my brother John, her 10th child! - though at the time I barely thought about that. Heck, she was pregnant every 2 years until I was 13. But I remember her saying she felt great, and she did look young, and I'm glad to have had her as a role model for how to turn 40 happily. :-)

Anyway, for today we are reading Psalm 40. "He has put a new song in my mouth." In addition, somewhat randomly, here is a picture of my view from work today.

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