Monday, January 15, 2007

happy 9-monthday Sam

I am so in love with my little buddy. Here's what he's been up to lately:

- crawling and cruising and falling and bruising!

- climbing - up the pantry shelves, into cupboards, onto Alex's little table and chairs, onto the dishwasher, into the bathtub...
- working on the pincer grasp - doesn't have it yet, but is starting to get that fascination with small objects. We found a piece of tinsel in his diaper yesterday - ack!
- starting to babble

- messing with Alex and Ava and their toys

- LOVING the dishwasher. If we open it, from across the room he will squeal with delight and crawl as fast as he can to get to this amazing thing. Same thing when we open the refrigerator door. I almost feel bad closing the door after he works so hard to get there.

- breaking stuff (already. Yes. He's a boy.). So far he has broken a lightbulb in a lamp he tipped over, and has broken his nightlight shade off. He also likes to rip paper. He got to a magazine and ripped out a couple pages and was laughing delightedly at the way they crinkled and ripped.

Today we will also have our third and final post-placement visit with the social worker, as required by Korea and Utah adoption law. When Sam has been with us for 6 months (Feb. 24), we can finalize in court. I'm looking forward to that. Even though it is technically a formality, legally Sam is still in custody of the agency and if anything were to happen - I don't know. I don't like to go there. Just can't wait to have this business finished.

Happy 9 month birthday Sam!

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Tammy said...

hee hee hee! love the photo of him crawling in the cabinet :)
glad you are in cyberspace now too!