Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day Care?

Well, I didn't think we would ever have to put our kids in day care, but with Cameo having a baby and Buzz taking boards and starting his third year of med school, we will need somewhere for them to go on Tuesdays for a few months. In addition, I still work full time for 4 weeks per year in the hospital, so it will be nice to have a plan for that.

Luckily, my friend Tammy knows a good place that actually does part time day care. If you've ever tried to find it, you know part-time day care providers are rare as hen's teeth. Tammy's kids have been going there for 2 years and seem perfectly happy and well cared for. VERY reassuring to me. But still...

Ever since Alex arrived in May 2005, we've always had the kids at home or with John and Cameo. It's hard to imagine turning them over to someone I don't know. It's hard knowing I might miss some of their cute antics or developmental milestones. It's hard anticipating the separation anxiety I fear they will have. Sam hasn't made it through even one hour alone in the church will he handle an entire day?

I tried to think of all the questions I should ask the day care provider when I visited, but I probably missed some. They are state licensed (the current license was displayed on the wall), all their teachers are certified in emergency procedures and basic life support, they have all had background checks, etc. The place isn't fancy but looks safe, reasonably clean and has a large yard fully enclosed with a lockable gate. The ratio of teachers to kids sounds high to me - up to 8 kids per teacher, 2 of which can be infants (under 2) - but apparently this meets state requirements. At this time, I don't know of any other options. At least it's only for one day a week, or two at the most. And I'm hoping there will be benefits as well. They do artsy-crafty activities that I don't do at home, and the social interaction will be good for them. I hope.

Our first day is planned for Friday, March 2. It should be interesting!

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