Wednesday, December 10, 2008

we fish you a merry christmas

Alex was trying to sing, "We wish you a merry Christmas" today in the car, but wasn't quite able to remember it all. She told me they had taught it in preschool. So I sang it for her and she said, "It's not 'we wish you', it's 'we FISH you a merry Christmas, mom." I tried to tell her no, it really is "wish," but she would not hear of it. She insisted it was "we FISH you" and after a couple more tries, I could see this would not be an argument I could win today. So, we are "fishing" you a merry Christmas. A few minutes later she told me, "Mom, if you are bad, then there will be no Christmas this year." I said, "What makes you say that?" and she said, "I told Ava that if you are bad, Santa brings you coal. But Ava told me that if you are bad, then there will be no Christmas this year." I think I know what Ava's been hearing from someone...

Her Cubbies class tonight was pretty entertaining, too. The teacher was quizzing the class about several Bible stories and asked "How did Jesus come to Earth?" The answer
- "In an airplane!" I wouldn't have been surprised if Alex had said that, but it was another kid. Another question was "What is a miracle?" One girl said it was like a maze, and another said it was something you want. It really must be confusing to figure out Christmas when you're hearing it all for the first time.

Alex wants us to make a birthday cake for Jesus this year. But I think she has ulterior motives. She said, "If Jesus couldn't blow out his candles, because he's just a baby, then someone could help him. [pause] Like me."

She watched Rudolph the other night, and has been prancing around pretending to be a reindeer. Christmas really is fun with a four-year-old.

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Ms. Meo said...

:) Not sure where Ava heard that. We forgot to even tell her about coal!