Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sam's crunchy and sparkly snack

Believe it or not, Sam ate part of a broken Christmas ornament today. I was cooking dinner and saw him walk by crunching something in his mouth. It occurred to me to wonder what he was crunching and when I looked, he had all these sparkly shards in there. Unbelievable. I was glad he hadn't cut himself. I tried getting him to spit it out but it was all stuck inside his mouth, so I swept it out with my fingers the best I could and I think he must have swallowed the rest.

Crazy kid! Has anyone ever eaten anything weirder?!?


Ms. Meo said...

Nope, Sam wins!

Melody said...

seriously? that is amazing! i'm glad he's ok!!

pretty sure i ate catfood, but that's not nearly as cool as an ornament :)