Wednesday, December 24, 2008

a very Maulden Christmas, Plan B

Well, after packing up the car and getting on the road to Reno last night, we had an unexpected surprise. We had wondered if the weather would be a problem, but it was fine. Instead, Alex started crying and complaining of a tummy ache about one hour into our 8-hour drive. We stopped and tried a potty break, but to no avail. Just past Wendover, she threw up in the car - those of you other parents who have ever cleaned puke out of all the crevices in a car seat know how special that is. :-)

We drove for a while before finding a turnaround point (there are no exits west of Wendover for a LONG time), and went back to Wendover where we spent the next hour and a half in the Wendover Peppermill, breathing cigarette smoke, chasing Sam, and watching Alex throw up again. Despite her unhappy tummy, she was impressed at the "pretty lights" in the casino. At that point we decided we were through, and headed back home to Salt Lake. Happily, the kids slept and Bryan and I enjoyed a nice 2 hours of uninterrupted talk time - a rarity! We had both just had our coffee in preparation for driving half the night, so we were wide awake. We arrived home at 2 a.m. and collapsed into bed.

So, we are spending Christmas at home after all. We had no food in the house because we had planned to be gone, so we got Chinese take-out for Christmas Eve and spent the day unpacking, washing clothes, cleaning up, and catching up on sleep. Now it is Christmas day and we're all feeling well. A big storm is moving in and we're just going to stay home and watch movies and watch the snow fall. Merry Christmas to all!

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Melody said...

Merry Christmas Mauldens!!! :)