Friday, May 24, 2013

MauldenNews - April & May 2013

Greetings everyone!

We are doing well here. Enjoying the spring weather. We've had the typical Utah "Spring Mix" of 70-80-degree days alternating with snow and rain, but the last week has smoothed out a bit. Loving the flowers and green on the mountains.

We've had our ups and downs, as always. Our 2001 Prius broke down and we ended up replacing it with a 2010 Toyota Camry hybrid. I was sad to say goodbye to the Prius - the Camry is nice but I really liked the instant mpg feedback in the Prius. We are passing it on to a new owner - a nice young lady who is soon to turn 16 - we hope it will behave itself and be a good first car for her.

Flood and smoke - We had a couple of minor flooding events - washing machine and bathroom sink - both affecting the carpet in the same area, which I guess is good and bad. Some water found its way down to the basement, but luckily not too much damage was done. We also smoked up the kitchen pretty well when I left a pot of beans simmering on very low heat and forgot about it. Wish I could blame that on...something besides early-onset dementia...must be the kids' fault. I'm sure they distracted me. Yeah.

Sam turned 7 on April 15. He really, really, really really really wanted his party to be at Chuck E. Cheese so we agreed, reluctantly. I'm not sure where he got the idea since to our knowledge he'd never been there. Probably TV or school. Anyway, he had a great time with his friends - so much fun he forgot to eat. On the way home he realized he was hungry.

Sure do love this boy. Proud of how he is growing up. He has grown SO much as a kindergartner. His positive energy, playfulness, imagination and sense of humor are true gifts. He is a helpful backseat navigator too. When I take a wrong turn he lets me know. He knows how to get to school, church, stores, the pool, the dentist, etc. Who needs a GPS when I have him?

April 20 - Salt Lake Half Marathon - started and finished (in 2:24) with my totally awesome friend Tammy. It was drizzling rain and in the 40s - not ideal but I stayed reasonably comfortable until the very end when I let down my guard and soaked my shoes in a puddle or two. I also ran the Provo City Half Marathon on May 4, and though it started out too freakin' cold up in the canyon, and my toes were numb for the first 2 miles, the course was beautiful and it was plenty warm and sunny at the end. I finished in 2:12! My second best time. :-)

April 27 - MS Walk in Salt Lake City - the kids and I walked a mile on behalf of our VA MS patients and their families. Alle and Sam rode their scooters in pajamas. Sam went way ahead and made a wrong turn so Alle and I had to be detectives and guess which way he went. A helpful policeman pointed us in his direction and we caught up with him at the finish.

May 12 - Mother's Day - I am so grateful for my Mom. Every year I appreciate her more.

Til next time...

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