Monday, April 12, 2010


Sam turns four this Thursday, but we had his party Sunday. It started at the pool and then moved to our house. The camera batteries died at the pool...more pictures will be coming, hopefully, thanks to Tammy.

I can't believe my baby is turning FOUR.

Tonight he let me hold him and snuggle him. I cherish these times. He is truly "blessed from above" as his Korean name indicates. His latest fortune cookie fortune read: "People admire you for being such a charmer." I would say that is Apt. Grateful today - again - for his Korean mother and wishing her every happiness.


Tammy said...

Oh, sorry - I put them online and forgot to send you the link! Here they are:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and the fam!

I love that you think of Sam's birth-mother and wish her all the best.

btw I called you last night to see if you wanted to go for a spontaneous evening run. What do you think of running together on Saturday?