Saturday, April 21, 2007

thirty-something isn't THAT old!!!

So, on a whim I went to see a "B" movie at the dollar theater - "Music and Lyrics" starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. It was cute, pretty predictable but nothing spectacular. What got me, though, was the portrayal of women in their late thirties as "menopausal."

A little background: in the movie, Drew Barrymore's older sister is revealed to be 38 (same age as yours truly). Hugh Grant performs at her high school class reunion, which happens to be the class of 1987 (my class). Hugh Grant is an 80's pop music "has-been" - he was a big star in the 80's but has since been relegated to playing at, well, high school reunions. At the reunion, when he performs, the women in the crowd go crazy. Later, Hugh Grant jokes about his following among the "menopausal" crowd. Maybe it's just supposed to be hyperbole, but really, is that society's understanding - that we 30-somethings are already having hot flashes?

For the teens and twenty-something crowd who most likely make up the majority of this movie's target audience, I'm sure "38" does sound hopelessly old. But I protest: I still like to think there's a difference between late thirties and early fifties (the average age of onset of menopause). When you're 18, though, I think it all looks the same. Old.


Tammy said...

Yikes - menopausal? Gotta be kidding! I know even when I was in high school I did NOT think that late 30s was menopausal. My mom was in her early 40s at the time and I didn't think she was old. I didn't think she was hip, but I didn't think she was old either. That's interesting...

Mommavia said...

When I was teaching the kids would always estimate me to be the older PE teacher, saying I was 46 (I was 25). They were right, I was older, but only by a few months than the male PE have no concept of age and apparently writers have no concept of when menopause actaully starts! Wonderful, before you know it, being 29 is going to be one foot in the grave.