Thursday, March 8, 2007

Birthday Thoughts

Today is my birthday. Hard to believe I've been part of this ol' world for 38 years now.

For some reason, I think my 25th birthday was most traumatic for me. At that time I was working as a secretary and taking some pre-med or pre-nursing classes. I think it was bugging me that I was 25 and still didn't know what I was going to "do with my life." I could no longer pretend I was just starting out - I'd already graduated from college. Yet here I was back in undergrad courses, taking out loans for more tuition, and still not sure what the heck I was doing.

Today, I'm feeling pretty darned happy about where I've ended up. Seeing my brother hard at work studying to get through medical school reminds me of how nice it is to be finished with school once and for all! (Sorry, Buzz.) After years of working overtime, nights, weekends, and holidays, I now have a part time job with paid holidays and very rare night work. After years of researching, planning, saving, filling out forms, jumping through hoops, and praying, we are thrilled to have adopted two wonderful kids. For the first time in a long time, I don't have any big hurdles in my immediate future. Life is pretty well balanced. I'm enjoying it.


Lava said...

just browsing and came across your blog. as a 25 year old, i completely relate to how you felt at 25 - i'm feeling it now! traumatic doesn't even describe sometimes...i'll be 26 in august, which i'm sure will just rock me off my socks. it was quite a shocker to realize that i'm 5 years away from 30, i've been out of college for going on 4 years, and i still have no clue as to what i want to do with this life of mine, though i'm grateful for having been alive and healthy all this time. glad someone out there understands many people react to my "concerns" with "25??? you're just a baby! you have all the time in the world!" i'm not buying it.

Happy Birthday! :-)

Mommavia said...

Happy birthday, lady! It is so nice to celebrate when you have no pressing issues and wonderful children around your legs!

My 25th birthday was a big one for was my first birthday as a Cancer Survivor. I cried a good part of the day, mostly because I was finally allowed to start back on my Synthroid after being off for a month for a test so my emotions we still out of whack, but some of that crying was good...I had a husband who had stood by my side (after being rushed home from Iraq) through the most difficult time of my life. I'll be 29 this summer, and wish to skip it and go straight to 30s have to be better than my 20s! (although Jack did make for an excellent part of my late 20s)