Monday, April 30, 2012

MauldenNews April 2012

This April was warmer than usual and quite beautiful, with many blue-sky days and flowers. We've even had some warm evenings. 

I really liked this picture by my friend Tammy.

Had a WONDERFUL weekend with 2 of my we are in order, by age and inversely by height...aren't we gorgeous???

We went to an Easter egg hunt at Sugarhouse Park with the expressions here...

and we made our own colorful eggs with good old Pabst tablets and vinegar. 

Sam turned SIX with a swimming pool party...

and then we had 2 totally awesome weeks with Nana (Bryan's mom). She is wonderful beyond words. 

Finally...even though April may be you can see...

...the fun never stops around here.

See you next month! Love you all,

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Tammy said...

Look at all the fun you had! I love the pic w/your sisters...and thanks for sharing my picture :).