Saturday, January 1, 2011

MauldenNews December 2010

Wow, another year gone already. Feeling grateful for a happy and blessed year. I've been rather lazy about blogging, but we've had a good month.

Sam drew a complete blank when Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas, but luckily there was a box of candy canes at Santa's feet so Sam pointed and said, "That."  Alex was too nervous to tell Santa what she wanted; all she could do on his lap was giggle. No matter, she told me she really really wanted yarn for Christmas, and she did get a full-size multicolored skein (if that is the right word - I've not really touched yarn since about second grade). She has spent hours making yarn creations, mini-balls of yarn, yarn Christmas ornaments, yarn animals, and more. We have spent some time picking up yarn around the house, too. At least it's easy to clean up.

Sam's stocking is not in this picture because Sam absconded with it on Christmas Eve and it took me a while to find it. It was upstairs dangling from the cord to the window blinds. I guess he thought it might be easier access for Santa. Alex made sure we didn't forget to leave cookies and CHOCOLATE milk for Santa, because "Santa's probably never had chocolate milk before!"

 Bryan is showing off his gift from Alex: a candle and two AA batteries to power it.

 Sam liked his Lightning McQueen Pez dispenser.

 Alex loved her can of Mr. Bubble so much that she used the entire thing in the course of one bath.

And finally, we are so proud of our little swimmer - isn't she awesome?

For some reason I don't feel I have much to say tonight - I should be summarizing our year or remembering the highlights, or making a top ten list, or sharing my New Year's resolutions...but you'll just have to call me or e-mail me for those details...I'm feeling lazy tonight.

Mostly I am grateful, for the life I've been given and the people God has given me to love.

Happy and blessed New Year to all.

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