Saturday, May 29, 2010

10K Race

Today, I am thrilled to report I have achieved my goals for my first 10K race!
 - to finish:
 - in the upright position,
 - with a smile on my face,
 - wanting to do it again.
I even attained a new Personal Best - 1:09:53. (earlier record was 1:14:05) Woo-hoo! I haven't set or achieved many physical goals in my life, so this was fun. What made it special, though, was the opportunity to share the experience with old and new friends.

It was thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end. I never thought I would say that about running 6.2 miles, but it was true. Sarah, Jessica and I ran at a "conversational" pace and enjoyed each other's funny stories while doing the Galloway thing (running 5 minutes, walking 1) until mile 5, and then we ran the last mile (plus point two) to the finish. Tammy (who had outraced us easily) was waiting for us at the finish; it was wonderful to have people cheering for me as I crossed the line. :-)

The morning was beautiful, with blue skies and gorgeous views of Mt. Timpanogos. Afterwards we were treated to free sports drinks and french toast. Overall, it was a very satisfying day! I am looking forward to my next race. :)


Ms. Meo said...

Great job, Sarah! So proud of you!

WildCrazy said...

That's awesome!!! You go girl!

Tammy said...

You did a GREAT job and looked so happy at the end. It was fun to see you do your first 10K! You're awesome! Can't wait to do the 1/2 marathon with you in September :).

The Tews said...

Hurray for us! Can you consider this a thank you note to your heart rate monitor/walk-run timer? :) It was such a great morning - who would have thought running could be so enjoyable? I think that a half marathon in September sounds awesome. We may have to carry a picture of Sarah with us while running. =)