Thursday, October 16, 2008

my dream commute

I just want to record for posterity that it IS possible. Today I had a near-perfect commute. After one stop (first light on Wasatch) I got every single light green from my house to work, even the left turn from Foothill onto Sunnyside. The entire drive took 18 minutes.

There was hardly any traffic on the road today. I'm guessing that means that UEA weekend (Utah Education Association, I think) must apply to the University too.

Not only did I have a perfect commute, I had my choice of parking spaces. The east half of the parking circle in front of Bldg 4 was EMPTY when I arrived at 8:18. I don't think this has ever happened on a non-holiday. I didn't realize how many people would be taking time off for this school break.

It sure would be nice if my commute were like this every day!


Tammy said...

The U has fall break this week. Students don't have class, but faculty & staff are still working. Still, w/o the students there the traffic is always so much better.

Hunca Munca said...

Yeah, today (Monday) the students were back AND the VA closed the Sunnyside entrance I usually take, forcing me to detour...all of which meant my commute was a bit over 30 minutes!! instead of the nice 18 minutes. Oh well. I now know that the traffic lights on Foothill are timed beautifully for situations when there is no traffic. :-)