Monday, June 30, 2008

deceptively delicious vs. sneaky chef

Recently two cookbooks have been brought to my attention - "Deceptively Delicious" and "The Sneaky Chef."

Both books purport to help you "hide" veggies and healthy stuff in your kids' food so they will get better nutrition. I am intrigued by the idea, as my kids are getting pickier, though they still eat pretty well. (I'm a little worried about Sam, who yells "Fries!" every time we pass a McDonald's.) It is getting easier now that they have more teeth and can actually eat salad if it's chopped up. Still, I'm always open to new ideas that can help us get our 3-5 servings a day of fruits and veggies.

The ratings are a little higher for the Sneaky Chef on Amazon. Has anyone used either of these books or made any of the recipes? I'm wondering if they are very time-consuming, and also if they are really "healthy" or if it's just hype.


Mommavia said...

From what I have heard, but recipies don't give you enough of your veggies to count for a putting 1 tbsp of sweet potatoes in a pot of stew. I've never used the books, but have heard the recipies are good, but not really adding that much more veggie to your day. If you use them, let us know!

Tammy said...

To add a link, simply use the cursor to highlight the text you want to link, then click the link button in the toolbar and enter the link in the popup window. That's it!

Or maybe you are asking a different question - that seems too easy...

Let me know!

Hunca Munca said...

Thanks Tammy, I got the links to work, using your method. :-)