Thursday, September 6, 2007

Got my Silver

Today I broke the 45,000 point barrier and earned my Presidential Champions Silver Award. Woohoo!

I started this thing in January of this year as a way to motivate myself to keep working out. It is offered through my work and I signed up after getting a mass e-mail from the big boss challenging everyone to do it. Every time we work out, we log our points online and as they accumulate we earn "awards." The awards are mainly symbolic, but it's nice to have some little external motivation.The only other person I know who is participating is my friend Tammy, who has probably earned seven gold medals in the time it took me to get my bronze and silver. (Her 2 year old frequently boasts that his "mommy is buff" and it's true!) Anyway, I am taking the "slow but steady" tortoise approach but at least I'm still in the race.

On to the GOLD!


Tammy said...

Actually, I'm not THAT far ahead of you - I just got my gold a few weeks ago. Now I find out that they have a platinum level - and you need 400,000 points to get there!!! (or is it 500,000?). Anyway, I continue to log my points, and maybe I will get there someday.

I did order a T-shirt and medal and pin set for the gold award. I thought it was cool :) and it was cheap too.

Congrats on getting your silver medal - a job very well done!!!!!

Mommavia said...

Way to go! Hey, Olympians don't become Olympic athletes overnight...slow and steady is how it goes!