Saturday, July 7, 2007

summertime - random stuff

It is HOT. We've had weeks of temps in the 90s and 100s and it's not letting up anytime soon.

July 4 we went to the pool with our friend Scott and his 3 year old daughter Lora. It felt good to cool off. Sam has a total kamikaze approach to the pool. He would just walk right in and drown if we didn't stop him. Several times he got a faceful of water, or got his head dunked when other kids bumped him or he just fell, but he just took it in stride. This kid has no fear. I am constantly reminded of his need for supervision. Yesterday he opened the front door by himself and went outside - it was a minute before we realized where he was. Oh brother. Speaking of Sam - today he really and truly signed his first word: "More." I was kind of relieved, because he has been slower with language than Alex. He babbles and shows understanding of what we say, but hasn't said any words for sure.

Luckily I went to the pool on the 4th, because on the 5th I had a skin lesion frozen off my back (probably an AK) and I was told not to go in chlorinated pools for 2 weeks. Hm, that puts a damper on pool time with the kids. Oh well...there are always the sprinklers.

I finished reading a fascinating, and scary, book called The Coming Plague (thanks to Tammy my microbiologist friend). If you're not germophobic now, you will be after reading this. I don't relish getting on a plane this summer after reading about all the diseases you can get, especially in light of the multi-drug resistant TB case last month. There is nowhere to hide from the microbes...

Next week I head to DC for a work meeting. I'll be gone for 4 days, the longest I've ever been away from the kids. :-( On the bright side, a work friend and I are already planning to see the Phantom at the Kennedy Center.

That's it for is uneventful, but I don't mind. Life has a way of generating events, and I'm sure we'll experience something soon enough.


Tammy said...

Hey, I'm a MOLECULAR biologist! People always mix those up, darn it. :)

Congrats on Sam's first "word". Michelle is signing "doggie" like it's going out of style. I think she likes them!

Have fun in DC!!!

Hunca Munca said...

Oops, sorry Tammy, I DO know the difference but I think my brain was on autopilot. My sister Rosie is a microbiologist. I was also recently scolded by a patient of mind who happened to be a VA police officer - I called him "Security" instead of "Police" and now I know the folly of mixing those up. :-)